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Google Play Store: 850 OBD-II
Shortly this is app for android to use with Volvos from years 96 to 98 to read, program and reset SERVICE light and so on... With ELM327 Bluetooth/Wifi/USB.
But is going for newer cars too. I left things open for hackers :)

850/900 series
Weakly: S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70, S90/V90

Main features:
+Service Light (SRI) reset/programming
+Fault Code Reading and clearing
+LiveData(realtime sensor data)
+Reading info of the car (example part numbers of ECUs)
+Injector testing (Motronic M4.4)
+TDi Fuel pump Dynamic Timing (MSA15.7)
-SRS light? It will turn it off if there is no left fault codes

Fault Code Definitions supported:
A module which isn't listed here, means it may not have all fault code definitions but does collect all hex values of DTC:
+MSA15.7 (only with D5252T engines!)
+AW 50-42 / AW 30-43
+912-D Heater
+ROP (Roll Over Protection) (only C70?)
+ECC (only S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70)

Live Data:
+OBDII (weakly)
+SRS (airbag)
+Instrument panel (COMBI)
+AW 50-42 / AW 30-43 (Automatic Gearbox)
+Motronic 4.4
+Immobilizer (41)

Component test (Activation):
+Motronic (M4.4)
-Engine Cooling Fans
-IAC Valve
-Fuel Pump Relay
-SAS Air Pump
-SAS Air Valve
-Dynamic Fuel Pump Timing (TDI)
-EGR Valve
-Turbo Regulating Valve
-Heater Relay 1
-Heater Relay 2/3
-Engine Cooling Fans
-MIL Light
-S1 ja S2 solenoids
-Lock-up Solenoid
-Line Pressure Solenoid
-Warning Light
-ABS pump

I try keep app as simple as possible but as advanced to use as possible. Only difficulties for user should be is connecting to your ELM327/reading device. After choosing it at Settings/Bluetooth Devices -page (or click bluetooth icon at top-right to go there) - Search it and when found click on it. Then press play button on app any screen and it should connect to it (shows as play button and changes to green pause button as connected).

Remember keep ignition on at minimum (II - position) to have power on ECUs! And dont forget leave ELM327 device plugged when you done.. at least in my Volvo there is always eletricity on OBDII port and Bluetooth ELM327 draws 0.04A all the time. Remember too that many ELM327 devices may have problem connect when over 1 meter away from your phone.

Big thanks for Richard H. Jones (http://jonesrh.info/volvo850/index.html) for inspiration and help this project! I hope this app is to make things easier (and cheaper) for everyone! If find anything to improve.. please let me know. Thank you!

What ELM327 device?
There is a wide range of brands of these so be careful. Volvo needs to have FULL WORKING V1.4b support at minimum!
I ordered two same looking but inside different ELM327 clones and as you can see from picture that other one has two layers of boards.
Other one (left) is not compatible with Volvo as i tested it did crash at ATSI command which it didn´t regocnize and it did send only ? - questionmark.

So far not anyone still has giving feedback on what wanted improve or fix so i just go solo what i want. Send people logs via settings page (bottom) as there is simple button for that. Thank you if you may :)


_ _ ___| |__ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___| | ___ __ _ / __| '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ |/ _ \ / _` | | (__| | | | (_| | | | | (_| | __/ | (_) | (_| | \___|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___|_|\___/ \__, | |___/ |___/ *V1.3.8* #10/01/2021# [!] First CAN based communication test for Volvos (99-06 ?) Gauge test now includes CAN based Volvo dash test which is tested on 2001 Volvo dash (DIM) but as i dont yet own full car not tested on one as CAN bus in OBDII ports are closed on Volvos and not sure how well ELM327 can handle opening it and keeping it open. Looking feedback! [x] Added notification of new updates to notify user as update may be installed automatically in total silence. [x] Fix Write permission pop up happened more than requested. ============================================= *V1.3.7* #10/12/2020# [x] Request: ECC (A/C) Adjust Motors command in Service [x] Landscape mode tweak for dynamic timing. [x] Couple new COMBI fault codes for SV40 cars. [x] COMBI live data item Oil Temperature for only SV40 cars. [x] ECC (A/C) Live data items [x] Connected WiFi OBDII name was missing as device name but now is on below Android 8.1. [!] V40/S40 people if possible do full scan with new version and send log to me! [!] Add Remote programming for VSXC70 series (i am looking someone brave who has pin and all ready and can verify procedure if i have not all correct.. i mean has official tool in hand. I will send beta for him about it). ============================================= *V1.3.6* #17/11/2020# SORRY FOR DELAY -- update took weeks to publish. Per Google terms messing up location permission into Bluetooth they had problems clarify what is what. - Android 11 datalog turned off due system changes (hang and crash problems) not supporting anymore it in same way as since 4.4.2 up to 8 - Privacy Policy - Bluetooth Device selection screen made more clear in cases where devices has multiple names but same MAC address it will now list them all and you see devices which are near by you or not (with marking). - Service : Scan long click method to start full scan directly had missing checks preventing it run without connection. - Fixed the Graph NOT to clear data when stop running so can take a look for what happened little time ago. - Added OBDII Live Data protocol choice of "Automatic" as its been so far reliable work with multiple car brands i tried and heard. - Fix Service VIN to be readen correctly (standard OBDII) with all new current samples i have (got empty VIN by error). - Additional info on one fault code [COMBI]. - Modified Error popup list only main things. - Fix error where OBDII standard protocol sends "Not Supported" response for command. - Request: Modify livedata item selection to be like ECU selections for Service - Scan. Faster to use. - Add no fault codes mentioning when there is none reported by ECU so user knows app did get and check response. - Fix to not to create empty 850sniff.txt files when the feature was not even used. - VGLA ECU now scans amount of remotes programmed and shows in summary *to be verified*. - IMMO ECU now scans amount of keys programmed and shows in summary *to be verified*. - Fixed some possible bugs in reading. - Fix Wifi connection to stay on successfully (at least on mine 4.4.2 android) and does recover when there is time out happening. - Finally found old bug which made app crash due Looper.prepare() - error. * Add Remote programming for VSXC70 series (i am looking someone brave who has pin and all ready and can verify procedure if i have not all correct.. i mean has official tool in hand. I will send beta for him about it). ============================================= *V1.3.5* #24/06/2020# -Update some text sources -Requested: Selectable scan -Correct one country code -Sip basic OBDII questions if no support on car or fails to connect -OBDII standard scan now shows O2 sensors -OBDII standard live data of O2 sensor 1 and 2 -Live data added Graphs view. -Live data rate timer fixed to be more correct how fast data comes. -Bug fixes ============================================= *V1.3.4* #14/04/2020# -LiveData for Motronic; Secondary Air Pump system, MAF, Lambda regulation, Lambda Voltages and heater amps. -LiveData for MSA15.7; Air inlet value, actual, EGR valve. -Advanced commands MSA15.7 EGR valve more detailed. -VIN code reading from now ISO and CAN protocols during the scan for basic OBDII info. -For new user who denied SDcard r&w rights (log) app would not jam and disable log if so. -Log includes more clear indication for me to find bug. ============================================= *V1.3.3* #xx/09/2019# -[Service]basic OBDII reader i forgot complete one work which clearly did show up then. Fixed and no popups from those and now shows ECU numbers correctly too on both style (CAN and not CAN). -[WIFI] shows when it timeouts correctly so user wont scream to empty server socket. (work in progress to keep it on constantly until user really disconnects) -[WIFI] possible fix on error old Android versions (i can not test at the moment below 4.4.2 androids personally) ============================================= *V1.3.2* -MSA15.7 Livedata new items; Quantity of fuel injected, actual amount. AND Quantity of fuel injected, Req by driver amount -MSA15.7 Livedata had typo in couple items not showing on / off correctly -Power Seat DTC info added now. -Wifi interface had big bugs which prevented it working in most adapters. Got hold of myself now new adapters which did show to me where problems existed. Sorry long time and confusion :( -Wifi interface detects timeouts now but can be time to time still buggy if left on and not used for while (will try fine tune it less hassle). -[Service]standard OBDII support now for ISO 15765 too in Scan (LiveData comes later due my time limit) which my app did not yet understand translate (CAN). ECU registering still buggy due changes. -[Service]PID collector now understands Mode (Service) 09 PIDs to collect as well which are reported on newer Volvos. -[Service]ISO 15765 too in Scan to understand translate VIN code if provided like in newer Volvos. -[Service]PID collector still! had bug if got incorrect data from device. ============================================= *V1.3.1* #04/09/2019# -[Service]PID collector had bug if got incorrect data from device. -[Service]For the scan now displays OBDII emission test data. -[Service]Standard OBDII Pending Pxxx DTC collector had bug. -[Service]Standard OBDII MIL light status/DTC amount collector had bug when there was multiple ECUs responses.. do'h. ============================================= *V1.3.0* #14/08/2019# -[Service]S40/V40 Service Light Reset had glitch which made it non functional. Thanks of reporting! -[Settings]Send Log crashing problem fix on Android 9 (crashing is actually made by Google to protest app developers just to move on new content styling). -[Service]ABS advanced commands had typo at ending connection but most likely user did not see it. -[Service]Phones with bottom ui buttons had glitch with popup menu not showing correctly. ============================================= *V1.2.9* #07/06/2019# -MSA15.7 new Advanced commands to trying toggle Fan speeds and so on. -Standard OBDII fault code styling bug fixed. -When chosen ECU at DTC clearing there was typo happened and switched wrong way addresses so in some cases didn't work correctly. -New ways to prevent bad reading of data to prevent throwing errors at Scan. ============================================= *V1.2.8* #11/05/2019## -Bluetooth got now some tweaks. Old way didn't example ask always pin codes for connection. New one does if not paired earlier. If you don\'t like it or wont work anymore.. then change to old style from Settings menu at Bluetooth Socket selection. For hanging up during connection setting up i hope has now gone down. -Connection making Play button had big fault that it let you smash it eventually crashing the app (or even phone in worst cases). Now has limiter to limit some level. -Play button now can to try connect when user didn\'t have bluetooth on after turning bluetooth on automatically. -Play button with Wifi interface now does tell user to first connect to wifi interface via Android own wifi menu (Wifi icon next to Play button) as told in descriptions. -Some tweaks for better user experience and hopefully less laggy. -Components activation of the AW50-42LE gearbox. -Components activation of the ABS system (plz don't try them during driving on speeds!). -COMBI ECU for S70 clearing DTC when failed to clear all.. one possible fix. ============================================= *V1.2.7* #11/04/2019## -Reset Service Light for V40 / S40 is not compatible with others so now divided to own sub category (or in other models it will program Calendar days to be zero). Sorry if did happen to you! ============================================= *V1.2.6* -IMMO (41) Live data added. -Did make new bugs while fixing other bugs.. Do'h. -EMS2000 now identified hopefully all. ============================================= *V1.2.5* -One EMS2000 (S40/V40 Engine ECU) addition to be detected instead of Motronic so gets correct Fault Codes. -MSA15.7 Dynamic FP Timing screen fitment on landscpace mode and on some narrow resolution phones vertical mode too. -MSA15.7 Dynamic FP Timing one possible bug could been happen in some times if user pressed at totally right (wrong) moment Start Timing button. -ODOMETER FIX IN SCAN FOR METRIC (km) VALUE! There was some 1000-2000km throw extra in odometer total value due not so exact conversion/calculation. Thanks of feedback! Mileage (mi) users was not affected! -RTI ECU all Fault Codes now supported! -My typo on IMMO Fault Codes not rendering. Sorry ;> ============================================= *V1.2.4* #03/04/2019# -V40/S40 Service Light Reset support *Plz report thx* -Some engine ECUs didn\'t support direct reading all part number etc so -V40/S40 New ECUs; *EMS2000 (Engine ECU 1998 T4 engines) *DSA (Dynamic Stability Control) *RTI (Road Traffic Information) -V40/S40 ECU EMS2000 - Now most of Fault Codes! NOTICE this (and Melco 1?) ECUs has SAME electrical address than Motronic so earlier it was misinformation and app tries NOW identify these with known Part No and right Fault Codes so please double check. Reporting log after scan can help further identify more correctly these in future. -C70 Convertible top ECU (42) reading now supported! ============================================= *V1.2.3* #27/03/2019# -I noticed some testers uses extra commands (keys?) when connecting with S70 COMBI ECU. Now included those so if app didnt connect to that ECU and/or Service Light reset didnt work earlier with newer V70 from year late 1998.. now SHOULD WORK. *No.One.Reports.So.I.Dont.Know*. -Volvo Additional Heater ECU 912-D All Fault Codes now supported! -ECC All Fault Codes now supported! -IMMO All Fault codes now supported! -C70 ROP (Roll Over Protection) ECU all Fault Codes now Supported! -From feedback: Now you can remove fault codes (DTC) from one chosen ECU and no need all. As you want. -From feedback: App did miss completely on scan of some ECUs info because of my typo of checking! ============================================= *V1.2.2* #25/03/2019# -VGLA (Volvo Guard Lock and Alarm) ECU fault codes now supported! -Combi (ECU 51) Fault Codes has now gone through again. -Prevent startup freezing when log file has become too large to handle efficiently and even crashes the app. -MSA 15.7 Pump Timing bypass not anymore including speed for if ever someone tries it while driving which is not made for! ============================================= *V1.2.1* #11/03/2019# -MSA15.7 Dynamic Fuel Pump Timing (Beta) in Service -> Advanced Commands -> MSA15.7. -MSA15.7 LiveData items +New; RPM, Speed. -Corrections; ECT and Fuel Temp! -One rarely happened stopping bug fix and typos. ============================================= *V1.2.0* #03/03/2019# -Now should include ALL Gearbox (AW 50-42) fault codes! -Should include ALL MSA15.7 Engine ECU fault codes! -I Will be going now through to add ALL fault codes of every Volvo ECUs (what can be read with this app) for this app. Coming more on next updates

November 05 2020

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