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Google Play Store: 850 OBD-II
Shortly this is app for android to use with Volvos from years 96 to 98 to read, program and reset SERVICE light and so on... With ELM327 Bluetooth/Wifi/USB.
But now is going for newer cars too. I left things open for hackers :)

850/900 series
Weakly: S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70, S90/V90

Main features:
+Service Light (SRI) reset/programming
+Fault Code Reading and clearing
+LiveData(realtime sensor data)
+Reading info of the car (example part numbers of ECUs)
+Injector testing (Motronic M4.4)
+TDi Fuel pump Dynamic Timing (MSA15.7)

Fault Code supported:
What isn't listed here, means just it does have missing some fault code information but does collect all hex values of DTC:
+AW 50-42 / AW 30-43
+912-D Heater
+ROP (Roll Over Protection) (C70)
+IMMO (41)

Live Data:
+OBDII (weakly)
+SRS (airbag)
+Instrument panel (COMBI)
+AW 50-42 / AW 30-43 (Automatic Gearbox)
+Motronic 4.4
+Immobilizer (41)

Component test (Activation):
+Motronic (M4.4)
-Engine Cooling Fans
-IAC Valve
-Fuel Pump Relay
-SAS Air Pump
-SAS Air Valve
-Dynamic Fuel Pump Timing (TDI)
-EGR Valve
-Turbo Regulating Valve
-Heater Relay 1
-Heater Relay 2/3
-Engine Cooling Fans
-MIL Light
-S1 ja S2 solenoids
-Lock-up Solenoid
-Line Pressure Solenoid
-Warning Light
-ABS pump

I try keep app as simple as possible but as advanced to use as possible. Only difficulties for user should be is connecting to your ELM327/reading device. After choosing it at Settings/Bluetooth Devices -page (or click bluetooth icon at top-right to go there) - Search it and when found click on it. Then press play button on app any screen and it should connect to it (shows as play button and changes to green pause button as connected).

Remember keep ignition on at minimum (II - position) to have power on ECUs! And dont forget leave ELM327 device plugged when you done.. at least in my Volvo there is always eletricity on OBDII port and Bluetooth ELM327 draws 0.04A all the time. Remember too that many ELM327 devices may have problem connect when over 1 meter away from your phone.

Big thanks for Richard H. Jones (http://jonesrh.info/volvo850/index.html) for inspiration and help this project! I hope this app is to make things easier (and cheaper) for everyone! If find anything to improve.. please let me know. Thank you!

What ELM327 device?
There is a wide range of brands of these so be careful. Volvo needs to have FULL WORKING V1.4b support at minimum!
I ordered two same looking but inside different ELM327 clones and as you can see from picture that other one has two layers of boards.
Other one (left) is not compatible with Volvo as i tested it did crash at ATSI command which it didn´t regocnize and it did send only ? - questionmark.

So far not anyone still has giving feedback on what wanted improve or fix so i just go solo what i want. Send people logs via settings page (bottom) as there is simple button for that. Thank you if you may :)


October 12 2019

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